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Schrödinger’s Blog: In which Audrey reveals her emotional instability

Take a moment to think of all of the things that could be in this post.

I could be writing to tell you that I have recently inherited a house in Ghana and a Ferrari. This could be a spam promotional for the really terrible band for which I am the drummer. Have you now worked yourself into a place where you are comfortable with the possibilities? You are now neither too excited by the great potential nor dreading reading this? Good.

I love the Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment/theory. For those of you not up on early 20th century physics (or The Big Bang Theory TV show) here’s the info: Schrödinger was an Austrian physicist and Nobel Prize winner who posed a question. If you put a cat in a box with a capsule that had a .5 probability of bursting and killing the cat after ten minutes, in what state is the cat after ten minutes?

“(Schrödinger posed)…a thought experiment where a cat in a closed box either lived or died according to whether a quantum event occurred. The paradox was that both universes, one with a dead cat and one with a live one, seemed to exist in parallel until an observer opened the box.”

It’s an interesting proposition and the more I think about it the more I think I like it.

When I get a text message, that little green box pops up, my phone buzzes (plays a Stargate scanner sound) and vibrates and I get excited. There is so much potential in that little message. In one universe it’s a text from my best friend inviting me over or out for dinner. Maybe its my cousin updating me on the hilarious things that happen at Christian college. It could be my mum, asking if I’m coming home for dinner. Then again, it could be some dumb promotional text from a store that I dislike. Maybe it’s actually not a text at all, but a Facebook message, that opens a whole new world of theorizing. It could be a hilarious new video post on my wall. Then again it could be a games request for “PimpVille” or one of those quiz/chain mail things.

Until I look at the alert and corresponding message the message exists in two universes. I could read it and be elated and excited and happy, looking forward to something grand. Then again I could open it, looking forward to its tidings only to see that it is from JCPenney telling me about their ‘deals’.

My head runs through the things that message could be, ranging from the amazing yet improbable (that text from my brother that says “Hey Aud, I’m at PWM. Come pick me up.”) to the mundane and immediately deleted (@RBG199283 mentioned you tinyurl.com/3hngn4n).

As I’ve thought of all of the possibilities my brain has categorized them, “AWWW, YEAH! But no, that couldn’t be it”, “Maybe it’s…! But probably not” “Well, maybe it will be…” “It could be…” “But really…it’s probably just a stupid Facebook notification…”.

See how easily I let myself down?

I take my time before looking at them so as to work myself down from the excitement of the initial alert. I tamper my excitement to the point where I am ok with it just being Le FB telling me something useless so that if it is, I’m not disappointed. Then, if it is you, sending me a hilarious video on FB, asking me over for  drinks and dessert, “liking” my photos, asking how my day was or when I’ll be home for dinner, I’ll be even more excited to read it.

In other news, students are tiring. First graded assessment of their learning feels like an assessment of my teaching skills. I’m taking a lesson from a great female leader:

I have confidence in sunshine. I have confidence in rain.

A classroom with 16 children, what’s so fearsome about that?…They will look up to me and mind me.

I hope. Someday.


2 thoughts on “Schrödinger’s Blog: In which Audrey reveals her emotional instability”

  1. I bet you save your gift cards, too, don’t you? Because saving them and having the possibility of spending them whenever you really want to, is almost better than actually spending them. I’m glad you’ve renewed the blog. You were meant to write. xoxo

    1. Yes! I’m sure I have at least three waiting in my wallet right now 😉
      And thanks so much! I’m glad to be doing something that I really enjoy!

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