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Not where it started life update.

I’m so glad I called this blog “Not where it started.” I appreciate that at least one other thing is figuring itself out. In a world of people who are where they want to be I’m glad that this little site and I are still figuring it out, still becoming something more.

In the spirit of transformation comes this post. I am no longer a full time teacher, which is a sad but necessary step in my journey. I so loved the months and hours I spent learning about my students, learning how to teach, experiencing the life of an educator. I truly and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t yet count or fully appreciate the ways in which those months have changed me.


Life changes have come in the way of relationships as well. Having someone with whom you are growing a very close relationship is such a change. My life recently changed from one of singleness and an embracing of all that it meant to be a single, 20 something with no real ties to a location or financial responsibility to a very different life altogether. I still embrace individuality and wandering to any corner of the world I can. Now, however, I find that there is someone with whom I want to share those things.

That has been an interesting lesson to learn. Relationships are not stodgy partnerships in which one member must tell the other member when they are doing something or going somewhere, what they will be doing and who they are with. Dating is not acting out a series of choreographed montage scenes set to soaring, romantic music. Relationships are a working bond in which both people want nothing more than to share all of life’s happenings. Dating is a series of experiences in which both parties are able to see how the other acts and reacts to stresses, joys, surprises, children, budgets, cancelled plans and spontaneity.


I’m fully enjoying this process of growing together in relationship. It is an amazing challenge, joy and personal work.

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