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Fitness Resources!

Welcome to the Audacious Blog fitness resource page! You’ve been looking for recommendations and this is where they live! Always adding and editing to bring you the very best of what the community is doing, reading, learning and loving ❤


  • BeachBody– Haven’t tried it all, but what I’ve tried has been fun, the instructors are motivating, and you definitely get in a good workout. I’m pretty sure they have something fun and challenging for everyone.

Free sample of Country Heat dance workout.

  • eFit30– Pilates workouts from happy people!  I highly recommend Pilates for folks who dislike cardio or don’t want high-impact but think that’s the only way to get a good workout.

Start with a beginner workout with this lovely woman!

  • The Fitness Marshall Fun choreography to current pop tunes. No tutorials, so get ready to just jump around for a while before you get it 😉

Check out Can’t Stop the Feeling

And Work from Home. Not a huge fan of the lyrics, but the dance makes me happy

  • Popsugar Fitness– Happy, peppy workouts mostly cardio. Can be fairly appearance based.

I’ve particularly enjoyed this full body workout with weights.

This “bootcamp”

And this cardio pilates workout.

  • Shape Up 12 Week Strength Training “Challenge”
  • STRONGER– Nicky Holender is the man. A fabulous British guy and his HIIT workouts. He has a number of great series with groups, modifications and a focus on form and power.
  • Tone It Up– If you’re looking for something inclusive, with a program to follow, and lots of other members, check out these girls. I give mad props to them for starting a huge fitness and lifestyle company from the ground up and encouraging tons of women to get fit. (Note the focus will very much be appearance and working out to look good. They are hugely into health and wellness and body positivity, but mostly working out to get toned 😉
  • Yoga With Adriene– A kind and gentle woman who taught me how to use muscles I didn’t even know I had.

Specifically this 30 day beginner program.


  • 80 Things that Changed My Life– 80 individual lifestyle changes that will move you toward wellness.
  • The Body Book For all things health and fitness, with a very holistic approach.
  • The Dorito Effect– An interesting and sometimes frustrating look into the recent changes in the foods we eat.
  • Living Health by Tony Robbins- Not actually a book, but a seminar style training to completely overhaul your mindset on health and vitality. Highly recommend. I found one on YouTube and listened to all 80 hours for free, but I can’t find the link. This is definitely an investment, but I would recommend it if what you’re doing now isn’t working and you’re looking for something more in depth. Maybe go in as a group?
  • The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan- A huge book discussing everything about food, from farming and agriculture practices to flavor and satiety. Definitely an interesting read and an excellent start for anyone beginning a journey to health in eating.


  • On Air With Ella– General wellness podcast discussing everything from mindset to fasting to relationships. Love this lady’s spirit, openness to learning and desire to share the knowledge and love.

Especially recommend this episode about overall fitness.

And this one about the option of a healthy makeup.

  • The Model Health Show Another general health and wellness podcast, hosted by the guy who literally wrote the book on sleep.

Check out this episode on workouts.

I know a few folks who will appreciate this episode that discusses actual “methods to reverse” Multiple Sclerosis.



Body Book community- blogs, recipes, Cameron Diaz.

On Air With Ella community- interviews, reviews, recipes.

The Model Health community- discussion, articles, more info.

Tony Robbins health and vitality community- articles, research, tips.

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