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Keep Talkin’: Self-Talk Part 2

Welcome to week two of our self-talk series! I’m so excited to share more about this concept that has made such a change in my life. I know the power that comes from taking control of internal messages, and I hope that you’ll tune in with an open mind and see what nuggets you can take from this.

In the first part of this discussion I laid a brief framework about the idea of self-talk; what it is, where it comes from, and what you can do about it. If you haven’t read it yet, take a minute and do that here. This week we’re going to build a bit further.

Your mind is a beautiful and intensely powerful thing. Our minds are capable of incredible things, but not if we let them run the show without some creative control. When the survival programming of our minds has free rein over our lives we will never amount to more than timid couch potatoes, living the most basic of routine lives, never finding our potential or experiencing an abundant life.

Throughout the posts on this page I have asked you to dream big dreams, to think of what you want most to accomplish. If you’re still tuned in, it’s because you too want more out of life than a 9-5 you hate, SnackPacks and Netflix on the couch, and death from boredom at 75. Whether your dream is to create your own company, own your own home, be a loving mum or dad, live a Godly life, write a book, win a competition, lose 100 pounds, or improve everything, you will not accomplish your goals by listening to your unchecked inner dialogue.

Take a few minutes to think about your goals for the next week, the end of this year and the year ahead. I can guarantee that there are messages you have received from your own mind that have made you struggle, or kept you from making progress in these areas. We’ve all gotten trapped in the frustrating cycle of reading something, talking with someone or seeing something and feeling that there is something amazing that you are meant to be doing, then stalling out before you even get started because of the messages that immediately come in to overpower that inspiration. We fall right back into the same old habits that got us where are and repeat the cycle.

When you think about yourself and this process there are probably a few specific thoughts that are the most powerful, have the greatest capability to hold you back, run through your mind more often than others… Get a few in your mind. We’re gonna start calling these what they are: limiting beliefs. Disempowering beliefs. Junk. Old thoughts from the mind that aren’t serving your greater purpose. Let’s do something about those.

In order to improve your life and achieve your goals you must first believe that you are capable of achieving those goals and then create an empowering mental environment in which to bring them to fruition. The only way to progress past your limiting beliefs is to identify them as limiting, and tackle them head on. Your job, as the commander of yourself, is to override, rewrite, maybe even yell louder than those programs. None of this “I just won’t think of that”, or “well, some of that is true” stuff. NONE. We’re doing some serious mental weeding and leaving a giant dandelion because ‘it doesn’t look that bad’ just won’t work.


Believe that life can be different. Imagine what life would be like if you met your goal. Start to tell yourself that you can be successful. You can be fit. You have the potential to be financially stable. Within you is the power to overcome your current situation and do what you have always wanted. Believing this is absolutely crucial. Your brain has to believe that the kind of progress that you are trying to make is possible not just for others, but for you, before it will help you to take action. It will be tough. Some of you have been told from the time you were very little that you aren’t good at certain things. Maybe you never had a single person say that they believe in you, you can do anything you put your mind to, you deserve to have a happy and fulfilled life. We all have negative messages from the last however many years of our lives floating around. Choose right now that those will no longer be the only messages. Choose to fill your mind, your space, your friends list, with people and books and shows and songs and sayings and thoughts that remind you of your amazing potential. If no one else has ever told you that you are capable of doing amazing and beautiful things, here I am. I believe it. Borrow my confidence in you to get you started. Then do what I said! Find people who inspire you with the incredible things that they have achieved. Follow Instagrammers who post encouraging, empowering things. Start telling yourself that you can do it. Imagine yourself achieving your goals. Feel what it would feel like to be fit/financially stable/loved/a published author/an artist with an exhibit/successful in your goals. Your brain is going to start believing you.



Remember those limiting beliefs that you focused on a minute ago? They have no place in this new mental environment of achievement, so let’s get rid of those. My limiting belief of choice used to be “what others think of me is more important than achieving my goals”. Which on the surface is pretty clearly rubbish, but how many of you have believed the same thing? Have you ever thought about writing a poem but decided not to because someone once told you it was lame? Ever found yourself eating a plate full of junk because that’s what everyone else was having even though you promised yourself that you would fill up on salad? I know people who have broken up with people, gotten tattoos, had kids, bought a house, gained 100 pounds, taken jobs, moved to other countries, solely based on what they thought other people would think of them.

Only when we very clearly believe that something else is more true and important than our previous beliefs do we have the ability to move beyond them. In order for me to move beyond my disempowering belief about what others may or not think about me, I had to believe that I could achieve my goals, and then create the mental environment to do that by replacing the disempowering belief with a new, empowering one. What belief would completely empower you in the area of your limiting belief? If you believed this thing about yourself, you would feel so strong and powerful and your goal would be in reach.

“My health is the most important thing in my life”? “When I am ready, I will find an ideal life partner”? “My experiences have taught me exactly what I need to know to achieve this goal”? You know yourself and what limiting beliefs trap you most often, so take some time and get personal with yourself. If you can’t think of an empowering belief to replace your disempowering one follow the directions in the paragraph before this one and keep checking out this page. You’re bound to find some;)

When you flood your mind with a vision of your success, the knowledge that you are capable of making a change and a series of empowering thoughts that tackle your biggest doubts, you are unstoppable. But give it time. You are literally overcoming years and generations of mental programming. Total success won’t come in a day, or probably even a week. But every day that you talk back to those beliefs that keep you from doing your best and making your life better, you are moving forward to your best life.

Be patient! And keep it up!!<3

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