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Tuesday Timeout #2

Tuesday Timeout…

If you want to rise above the needless chaos, if your purpose is greater than your desire for procrastination, if you have big goals but even bigger distractions, the greatest skill you can learn is how to quiet and focus your mind.

Modern society is filled with things to steal your focus and attention, from social media and constant availability of technology and information to petty arguments, consumerism and media inspired self-doubt. With all this vying for your precious thoughts, keeping your mindset where it needs to be is a constant process.

Start by making time to let those distractions fall away, and your mind to stop racing.

Put down your phone, pause Netflix, turn off the radio, close your eyes and take a break. Feel the power of your breath, let your mind think your own original thoughts, focus on your goals and ideas while the thoughts of others fade away. Give yourself the gift of a present mind. 🤫🧠💆🏼‍♀️💚

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