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Plan on Eating for the Rest of Your Life? Check This Out…

Happy Thursday folks!! This week I am choosing to take a little blog break to enjoy the company of my family while my grandmother is in town. She’s a special soul who lives out of town, so this time is all the more precious ❤
In lieu of my usual article, I am really excited to share a golden nugget from two brilliant leaders in the health/wellness/nutrition world.
The Model Health Show hosted by Shawn Stevenson, is one of my favorite podcasts partially because of Shawn’s down to earth nature, life experience, and willingness to learn. Equally as impressive is the list of brilliant minds he interviews in most episodes. In this episode he interviews Dr. Mark Hyman, someone whose research, perspective and body of work I find hugely valuable. This guy has done some incredible things, including running a medical practice, studied more crash diets that I’ve even heard of, and genuinely wants to watch the world heal! In all of that research he has read, heard and learned a huge amount about diet and nutrition, and done the work to cut through all the craze and pretty packages to find the actual truth. He has written a compendium about eating called Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? that digs into all the science, evidence and experience around those truths, without an agenda aside from genuinely wanting people to know. I can hardly wait to get the book and finally have a definitive guide to answer all those questions. Please, take a look!

I invite you to check it out and see what you can learn!



Audio only:

Food the Book:

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