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A year of Audacious…

One year ago.
52 weeks back.
The weeks are impossible to tell from one another, until a shimmering moment stands out, a thread of inspiration, a thought you’ve never had before.
What can you do in a year?
Build a house. Start a new career. Make a baby.
Conceive an idea, mull it around and bring it to life.
Take action on your dreams and see the fruits of a new future. One that you could only imagine 365 days ago.

This year we have journeyed together.
I have written, shared my challenges, illuminated the breakthroughs that I hope will pull someone else along the journey.
I have been challenged.
I have felt inadequate, a lofty dreamer wishing to make a difference but rarely sure of what’s needed. I listen, I think and ponder and read and seek out your places of need. Seek to speak light into your darkness, give a key to that door you’ve been banging your head against. Wave to you as a fellow traveler just trying to get to A Better Future.
This is the future we’ve created.
It’s better than before. Better than 52 weeks ago.
There’s more joy. More enjoyment. More sweetness.
We have found better health. Our bodies are renewed with power and vitality.
Our relationships have deepened. We are more connected, more honest.
We can handle the curveballs life throws. We can roll with the punches. Our minds and decisions carry us beyond the junk of every day.
Looking back, we can laugh at the things we thought would overtake us. We were stronger.

365 days lay ahead. Another year to hold each other up. A year for embracing truth and kicking self-doubt in the butt.
I invite you to continue in this journey together.
I’m invested in the next 52 weeks.
It seems miles away, but will fly under our wheels like the year before.
Where will we be when Next Year arrives?
You and I,
we can be anywhere.

Won’t you come along?

2 thoughts on “A year of Audacious…”

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Congratulations on the journey so far, here’s to the future and the journey ahead! 😍 ♥

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