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Goodbye Negative Nancy, Hello Optimistic Ophelia!

Greetings! I hope this finds you well. There are so many things you could be doing with your time right now, and I’m honored and grateful that reading this was the thing you chose. I’m committed to making that investment pan out for you 😉

Here at Audacious the goal is to have conversations, foster thought, and encourage movement in areas that will move you forward in your life goals. As part of that I hope that you will find a like-minded, aspirational and positive community on this page, and wherever it is posted. Because let’s be honest, as much as personal development is a personal task and independently determined, little is as effective at negating the improvements you’ve made as negativity from someone close to you.

Most of us have invested significant time, energy and thought power into moving forward in our goals, and as you well know, the mental portion of this process is the often the most challenging. Our minds are hardwired to seek out the negatives in life, choose the easiest path, and go with the herd. Depending on the environment in which you grew up, went to school, and formed your character, hopefully you learned some more advanced thought patterns along the way. No matter what mental development you’ve had, keeping your mindset in a productive place, and using your thoughts to move you forward will be a constant work in progress. The most successful people I know, the ones who are the most productive, the most balanced, the healthiest and the happiest are the ones who have their mental game together. And all of those people agree that maintaining the right mindset of positivity, internal locus of control, compassion and gratitude is the most essential component of their success, and the part that they have spent the most time developing.

Progress can’t be made without mindset change. Every change process starts with the belief that what you have is not the best it could be, and that you personally have the ability to attain something better. If you’ve been coasting through life with whatever patterns of thought the mind happened to give you, paired with the negative coping mechanisms of the friends and family members you’ve been learning from since then, achieving your goals will take a significant overhaul of your mental processes. But that overhaul is more than possible. Millions of people have done it, and they’ve been in worse positions than you.

A growth mindset, a mindset of positivity and a mental space that will allow you to be happy and fulfilled doesn’t have a “one and done” feature. Mental change not only takes work to achieve, it takes maintenance, nurturing, and protecting to keep. Revamping your mindset can be achieved in a weekend, but having the perspective, thoughts, and reactions that you want in real world interactions is a perpetual process of refinement.

One of the most crucial parts of that process is being around others who are striving for the same levels of positivity, others who are dedicated to choosing their responses to stress, people telling their minds what to think, not letting their minds dictate their emotions and lifestyle choices. You have to fortify yourself with other movers and shakers. People who aren’t into mainstream defeatism, self-image issues, pessimism and general negativity are usually looking for friends, because in most areas they’re hard to find.

When I started this article I was gearing up to create a conversation around how harmful and deleterious it is to spend time with people who are negative. They’re draining and frustrating and the worst thing is I become just like them after a while. But you know what? I’m really glad we instead talked about the beautiful souls to look for, because isn’t that exactly the point? What good is it for me to tell you what you already know? The majority of people in the world aren’t happy unless they’re miserable, and would like it best for you to join them. But we’re not those people!

So please, come in, stay a while. We’re all here on the same mission, and we would be more than happy to have you along for the journey.

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