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Happy Fall!!


Alright guys, I have to concede.

Autumn is officially upon us, with its chilly mornings, sunny golden afternoons, and all the spicy fall flavors. Sure it means that winter is quickly approaching, and summer is long gone, but all we can do is be ok with that and embrace the beautiful parts of this season.





This is coming to you on a Friday for a host of reasons, not the least of which is my attempt to embrace this season. My annual excursion to the frosty north for a family weekend of time together, games and laughter, and traipsing through the woods, is currently happening!





Instead of spending time sat in front of my desk, putting together my ideas and sharing motivation and empowerment with you all, I’m taking a page from my own book and getting out and into the moment with the ones I love in a season I’m working to love.






All the best for a season of change, warmth, and togetherness ❤



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