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Happy Thursday, my delightful friends! I hope this finds you feeling good and getting ready for a weekend of wonder and fun 🙂 I hope you’ve said “Yes!” to some really exciting things for this weekend, the next week and this whole season. Things that will make your days richer, sweeter, maybe more challenging, but definitely more beautiful.

That’s what I want to talk about this week, saying “yes”. We could spend a whole day talking about saying “no”. Entire books and classes and seminars and talk shows are designed to help people, especially women, feel better about saying “no”, but this is not one of those. This is about saying “YES!”. Choosing to sign up, go to the party, take the challenge, accept the invitation. I want to talk about making the decision to seize the opportunities you’ve been eyeing. I know there are hundreds.

You can’t go on Facebook, talk with your friends, hang out with your family, work, shop or even go to the doctor without being invited to do something. Sign up for this, register for that, try this new thing, have this new experience. The crushing cascade of invitations and solicitations from every corner gets pretty overwhelming and saying “yes” to anything feels impossible. The more we think about the huge number of opportunities given on a daily basis the harder it becomes to separate the interesting and amazing options from the junk mail, and the more appealing it becomes to refuse everything and just camp on the couch! As a person who has opted for pizza on the couch over going out on a pretty consistent basis, I can attest to this. Please, enjoy your time at home. Have quiet nights, and mornings with no plans. Let them recharge you and refresh you so that you can give a hearty and enthusiastic “YES!” to whatever adventure is coming next.

But go on that next adventure. Or the one after that, whichever makes your heart sing. Go play the next pick up game. Sign up for the photography class. Go to the friend’s open house. Do the seminar, ask for the number, buy the How-To guide. Participate in all the beautiful things life has to offer.

Anything worth doing requires something of you.

The trip you’ve been planning for years will demand financial investment. Stopping to smell the flowers can make you late. Starting a new hobby takes courage. Creating requires vulnerability. Finding time for the joyful celebrations will leave less time for the “requirements’ of home. You might get hurt. You might not be good at it. You might hate it. Someone might judge you.

With full knowledge of all of the challenges and requirements and demands and possibilities, I wrote this whole post to encourage you to RSVP anyway. My happiest moments have come from deciding that the fun thing I’ve been thinking about is worth the risk. You’ve been thinking about taking that next step for months. Every time you see the ad you think about signing up. Every day your friend talks about her hobby, you want to ask her more. Your kid is so enthusiastic about basketball, you have been thinking of joining a league of your own. You have inspiration, curiosity and passion about a million things. All I want to do is give you a little nudge to say “yes”.

Make a plan. Don’t leave things at “Maybe someday”, “I think I will” and “Next time I see it”. Do something definitive! Pros in this area will tell you, “Don’t leave the sight of a decision without taking action on it.”. So do something about those beautiful longings for something new and exciting and interesting and fun.


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