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Mindset, Perspective & Foggy Goggles.

Hello there, happy campers!

The variable speed with which Thursday arrives every week is a constant surprise to me. The fact that after 29 years of Thursdays, roughly 1542 of them, there are still weeks when it just seems to show up out of the blue, and yet others where Thursday feels like it may never arrive, is just one of life’s great mysteries. Alas, here we are, at another beautiful Thursday! Let’s jump in 🙂

You and I and everyone else see the world through our own unique set of goggles, with a heads up display. We start life with a smudge free pair of crystal clear specs and a HUD that only blips in recognition of a few choice people. By the end of our first year those goggles have been tinted a bit by the things we’ve learned. As our gaze passes over the people and items in our life we see them all through the filter of the experiences we’ve had. Joy and loss, reward and punishment, praise and chastisement; all color the way we see and experience things.

We go to school and hear all sorts of messages, negative ones leave smudges on the lenses of our goggles. We go home and our parents and friends gently wipe through the film, clearing our perspective on ourselves and life. As we grow up the hues and grains in the lenses become more and more permanent.

These goggles of perspective inform our actions from moment to moment. We see someone through the lenses of compassion and our little head’s up display gives us a list of things we could do to help. Seeing a long lost elementary school bully in the grocery store produces a set of evasion strategies. The way we see people and experiences and the messages we assign to the things we see create the action steps we will take in response.

For the next four weeks I want to challenge you to try on a few pairs of goggles that have helped me to change my life for the better. If you like what you see, if life becomes a bit more colorful, or enjoyable, or productive, you’re welcome to adopt my “filter”. If these goggles only serve to make things foggier and more challenging; if, maybe, the prescription doesn’t work; give em right back…

This week I want to start by just encouraging you to think about flexibility in mindset. I used to think my mind was made up on everything. Such is youth, yes? We are deciding what we believe and making decisions about how we feel about ourselves and the world around us and we often have to defend those beliefs. Defending who we are and what we think in those first few years of adulthood can make us inflexible if we aren’t encouraged to pass new ideas through the filter of our broader worldview and see if it jives. We can reject every perspective that isn’t our own if we hold too firmly to our personal understanding of the world.

For the next four weeks I want to encourage you to think of your mindset more like those goggles, easy to swap and smudge and tint and clean. Your worldview, your ideals and morals and core beliefs are safe. I simply want to encourage you to take a look at your current perspective on life, and try to open it up for a new filter.

You’ve got a whole week to give it a try 😉

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