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Fezzik, You Did Something Right!

Hello there beautiful ones! I hope this finds you well and either soaking up some sun, or making your own. Either way, I wish you happiness, peace and joy.

Raise your hand if you were also raised as a fanatic, quote it word for word, watched it at least 30 times and still watch it every year lover of The Princess Bride. If that was you chances are good that the title of this post sent you off into a quotation frenzy from which you’ve just now recovered. For those who weren’t as lucky in their lives here’s a video. Please watch, then hop back here. You might want to just go find the whole thing. We’ll wait.

This movie is absolute gold and not just in its sensational writing, great fight sequences or impressive costumes; it’s also chock full of applicable life lessons. Just ask my high school Sunday School teacher. Friendship, bravery, the power of True Love™ it’s a treasure trove of goodies. Not the least of which is this moment between a hard working giant and his revenge plotting little friend.

So far in the movie Fezzik has been sailing ships, climbing rock faces, lifting people here there and everywhere, and fighting masked men. Without him, the expedition would have failed in the first hour. He’s done a million things “right”, this is just the first one anyone has bothered to acknowledge.

We talk often on this page about making moves, changing your life, reaching for your goals and dreams, working for your success and striving for more every day. That’s because one of my goals is to help people recognize and believe that life is precious, and you were given dreams and skills and ambition for a reason. I’m here to remind you of the beautiful things that make you happy, and encourage you in going after them. My job is to be the confidence, motivation, dedication, refreshment and empowerment you need to borrow until you can grow your own.

I’m also here to reflect back to you just how amazing you are in what you are doing right now, where you are, as imperfect and annoying and frustrating and disappointing as you find it. Friend, you are Fezzik, every day, and you deserve an Inigo, albeit a more encouraging one. Allow me to offer my assistance.

Hey bro, you did something right! Hey sister, you’re doing something good!

Whatever you’ve encountered today, somewhere in there was something you nailed. There may be a million boxes unchecked on your to do list, but you’ve done well. This day threatened to knock you down and keep you there, but you got back up. The voice in your head got nasty and it was all you could do to keep from believing its lies, but you did it. You didn’t think you could turn the negative emotions of that interaction into something positive, but you did. When you got hungry and bought yourself a snack, you thought you would overdo it and feel gross and hate yourself, but you enjoyed it and had a little moment of happiness. Today looked like the day you would lock yourself in your room and never come out, but you didn’t. You locked yourself in your room and haven’t come out, but you’re still here.

Please don’t let your lofty views of success, the glossy sheen of someone else’s life, or the visions in your head of what you thought life would be keep you from acknowledging when you do something right. Even when it’s tiny, especially when it’s tiny.

Do yourself a favor and take five minutes to think of at least 5 things you did well today. 5 things you are proud of yourself for managing. A way that you surprised yourself, an interaction you handled well, an area you saw that you grew. You have to know and see that you are doing great things every. dang. day.

Here are some from my day: I got cut off and yelled at in a parking lot and chose to laugh about it with the guy who saw it happen. I tried something new at the gym, even though I didn’t feel very good at it. I had a really tough interaction with somebody at work. I shared a delightful indulgence with a friend and fully enjoyed it, no guilt. I made real food for dinner even though cookie dough looked equally viable.

When you start to see the wins they start to show up more often. They start as these tiny golden flecks, you can just barely see. Flecks that if you aren’t looking just fade into the carousel of colors of everyday. Then you notice them, and you start to see gold more often, they become a strand of gold, then a band. No, your life doesn’t then explode into a magical kaleidoscope of gold and gemstones. It’s still life and it can still be nasty and annoying and painful and grey. But I’ve found that the more I see the golden strands of success, the little threads of something right, and the tiny flecks of achievement, the more I feel happy in where I am. I’m more fulfilled. Life is sweeter. I have more love to give. I can see the good in other people more readily. I feel like I can reach a bit higher tomorrow. I feel like I have something to give to you.

Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head…

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