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The Relocation Situation!

Huge changes are afoot and I’ve just got to share.

As you know from literally every post on this page; empowerment, freedom and growth are the foundation, and constant goal of this page. When you life your life in daily pursuit of this kind of thought and progress it’s only natural that you find yourself in some unexpected places taking on challenges bigger than you thought you’d undertake.

Which is why I’m writing in a motel in South Carolina with everything I own in a truck out front and my cat hiding in the en suite tub. We’re on day 5/7 in what has been a two month long process of moving from Maine to Florida. It’s been a challenging journey from the beginning, with emotional swings from dread to excitement to heartbreak to freedom all in the span of a morning. Heck, there were times that was all in the span of a minute! And yet here we are, packed up and heading for a brand new adventure which we’re sure will demand all the courage, smarts, patience, enthusiasm and love we’ve grown over the last few decades and then some.

Big things are coming and I’m excited (and curious and unsure and optimistic) about continuing to empower, share, encourage and challenge. Wherever I may be.

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