Shiny, and Delicious!

Hello, and thanks for reading! As you may remember I recently relocated. Starting a new job in a different profession in completely new state has been an interesting challenge, and I’m excited to grow and share what I learn. Let’s dive in!

What you see is what you get.

I’m a big fan of food. If you haven’t picked up on that yet you haven’t been paying attention… I like pastries and pizza, salad and veggie burgers, cake and cookies and pizza and above all I love trying fresh new versions is my favorite foods.

My love of food and culinary exploration and my desire to catalog my life experiences manifest in hundreds of photos of meals and snacks. Looking back on those pictures, I remember the experience and enjoy it all over again. Of course, I also remember all the times I took those fabulous, well composed shots ahead of the meal and was completely disappointed after the first bite.

You know the moment you finally set the plate in front of you, your final pick with the vibrant and extravagant description? And you see all the layers and angles and appreciate its form and anticipate how amazing it will be? This cake/waffle/chicken/pizza/burger looks like it may make its way into your favorites list. You’re ready to kick out the burger from the place down the road and upgrade to a glitzier, flashier model. And then you bite in and you realize, you’ve been duped. On-point lighting and that description underwritten by the thesaurus were hiding a basic overcooked patty and yesterday’s lettuce.

You know what? I have met some human versions of that disappointing burger. In this time of curated feeds and personal branding and Facetune and perpetual self-promotion, being genuine and living what we’re posting is a value heading toward the endangered species list. Which just makes it all the more valuable!

People recognize that this truth and honesty is lacking in society and some try to reinfuse it from time to time. While this can range from refreshing and beautiful to pandering and blasphemous, wouldn’t it be better if we decided instead to live daily life with integrity and focus on making sure we “taste as good as we look”?

Far from criticism, I hope that this idea can instill confidence. You *are* a unique and special person with qualities that this world needs! It doesn’t matter if you’re a fallen soufflé. The world needs your kindness. You might be the sloppy Joe in a world of commercial worthy Big Macs. Your tenacity in advocating for your friends shines brighter than any surface appeal. And you Insta-worthy galaxy ice creams and charcuterie boards, always remember that the goodness you have tucked inside is worth a million likes, so let that shine too.

Let’s be real. Let’s all strive for authenticity. May we shimmer and glow inside and out. And let’s celebrate the delicious traits in the people we love. The world is desperate for it.


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