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Acknowledging You.

This week I want to take a minute to acknowledge you. Yes, you, reading this, right now. I think you are fabulous and deserve a pat on the back, a high five to congratulate your efforts. Since I can’t give you an actual pat on the back or high five, this week’s article is one long virtual hug. Here you go ❤

If you went to the gym this week, even though it was hard and you didn’t feel like you accomplished much. If you ran this week, a little farther than last week, a little faster, or even just a little. If the long term effects of exercise aren’t happening for you yet and you keep deciding to be strong and work towards health. If you found peace and strength in yoga or stretching, if you let the needs of your body dictate how active you were or what you did. I see you. That’s awesome!

If you managed your time this week in a way that helped you to be more productive, get things done, or gave yourself more time for what you love. If you made a new plan or crossed something off of your to do list. If you successfully performed that habit you’ve been trying to build, did it one more time than last week, or made a decision to do it next time. I see you. Good work!

If you reached out to a friend this week and told them you care, that you were thinking of them, that something made you think of them and smile. If you went out of your way to be kind to someone, said ‘Good morning’, let them go first. If you corrected someone when they started to criticize and abuse themselves for their body or mind or personality. If in the busyness of life you took the time to remember your own positive traits and think on them instead of the things you’d like to change. I see you. I’m so glad you stepped up. It’s so important!

If your kids went to school with packed lunches, or lunch money, or a snack, or a hug. If you made sure the little people in your life know that they are special and important and loved. If there were hard lessons to be learned by the kiddos of your house this week and you stayed strong and taught them. If nap time was a success, bedtime happened with fewer tears, they ate one more green bean and read one more sentence. I see you. Molding the future is super hard. Way to go!

If you drove to work even though the traffic made you anxious or near crazy. If for a minute you didn’t let your fear of being with other people keep you from doing what you wanted to do. If the oppressive fear and apprehension threatened to overwhelm you and take you down and you made it through. If the thing you’ve always been afraid of seemed a little less intimidating, the constant feeling of anxiety felt a little quieter. I see you. Everyday can be a fight and I’m amazed at your strength.

If you started down a slippery slope of self-deprecation and judgement and managed to turn that train around. If it felt like there were a million reasons to feel bad about your body, your house, your work, your mind and your relationships and you spoke truth to yourself instead. If negativity fought for prevalence and you threaded in optimism and positivity. If looking in the mirror brought up a diatribe against yourself and you spent only five minutes in it instead of ten, one hour instead of three, one day instead of a week. If this week you felt beautiful, healthy, smart, gregarious, vulnerable and romantic and you embraced it and lived it. I see you. You are doing amazing things!

If you have been working on adding greens to your life and ate a salad this week, snacked on celery, added kale to your dinner. If you are learning that ice cream is a sometimes food and had one bowl less than last week. If you made a choice for a healthier fuel for your body when a less healthy or downright bad for you choice was sitting right there. If you made the less healthy choice and enjoyed every minute of it without feeling guilty at all. If you said ‘no’ to the thing that tempts you to use your last $3, eat the whole bag in one sitting, keep eating even though you’re full and already feeling poorly. If you won whatever challenge you have been fighting with food, weight, body image, guilt, good vs bad foods. If you made zero progress in your goals for moving toward a healthy body and know that you are no less valuable, special, beautiful, amazing or worthy.  I see you. It’s a journey to feel healthy and I’m proud of you for keeping on.

I see you.

When you make the little steps toward your goals, the tiny things that it feels like make no difference and you can barely see- I am proud of you.
When you keep moving forward in spite of the million things trying to change your path, distract you, keep you down- I am amazed by your strength.
When you do something good in your day, when you make a difference in little ways, when you spend just a moment in building up your community- Thank you. You’re making a difference.

Whatever you achieve, whenever you step up, speak out, make a change, feel better, just know that you always have at least one person cheering you on. I see you, and I’m so inspired.

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