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Choose Joy

When you have the option to be disappointed or grateful, choose gratitude.

When life threatens to depress you and get you down, choose to lift your head.

Things will frustrate and anger you, and you can choose to respond with patience, with grace.

The disappointment is bitter, the depression real, frustration and anger satisfying. Sit there. Feel it. Acknowledge it in all its facets. Wax poetic on the nuanced emotional moment.

Then take the next step. Choose. Choose!

My pastor reminded me of this truth this week, that at times life is a challenge and joy illusive. It’s those times when if we are to have joy we must choose it for ourselves. Make it in the darkness, eke it out of the gloom.

Remembering my ability to be active in my emotions has been empowering. Knowing that I am not powerless over the way I feel changes things. It changes my moments, my days and my life.

It can do the same for you.

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