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Happy 2020!

Happy New Year, my friends! 2020 is here at last. All those “perfect vision” dad jokes are valid, February gets its extra day, and the world is reminded of the optimism and hope of a fresh start.

As we’ve approached the end of 2019 and beginning of the new year/decade, I’m enjoying the idea of a new year as a time to make decisions. It’s a cultural invitation to assess what’s been working, and what hasn’t. The calendar resets and in front of us stretch 366 days to do with as we will.

Stepping into 2020 there are some things I’m excited to leave behind- feelings of failure, stress about the unknown, guilt of missed opportunities. There were some conflicts, some misunderstandings and fears in my relationships that I’m glad to set down and step over.

I’m also excited to bring some things from the last year with me into the new! I have learned about myself, honed some skills I never thought I’d have, went through challenges that made me stronger, and gained confidence. I’m excited to bring my friendships with me into the new year. Some are new, some strengthened and grown through challenges faced together.

In this new year and decade I’m working on less of a few things. Less judgement of myself, less time spent in worry. I know there will be stress, but I get to decide how much space and time I give it. I’m working toward less fear of rejection and failure as I build my ideas and pursue my goals. I want my mind to be a bit less harried, fewer things forgotten, less mental chaos or avoidance.

In order to have less of what I don’t want, I’m building more of what I want. Instead of worry, I’m jumping into more planning, meditation and organized journaling. I want more investment in my friends and relationships, more time spent in pursuing my goals. This year needs more enjoyment of the things that make me happy, more spreading that joy around. I want more feelings of strength as I make decisions and move forward.

As you start this new year, and a new decade, may you leave behind the things that brought you down. May you find strength to drop in the dust the habits, thoughts and messages that caused you pain and kept you stuck. May you bring your lessons learned, your new experiences, and golden memories. May you give worry less time in your life. May you find more of what makes you happy. May you have less guilt and more freedom, less fear and more honesty.

All the best to you and yours as we say “Thanks and Goodbye” to 2019 and the 2010s and “Hello gorgeous!” to what’s to come.

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