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Seeing Clearly in 2020

Happy Thursday and Happy second week of the new year! I, for one, am excited about this milestone, and what it means in terms of fresh starts, moving forward, and what’s to come. I find meaning in the process of evaluating the past year in its achievements and challenges, and planning for the 365 days of potential that stretch ahead. What a bonus that this year we get to enjoy all those moments we’ve rounded up for the last four in a Leap Day! Leap Day party at my place, Feb 29th, I’ll bring the candy.

2020 is such an iconic number, phrase, idea and goal post for many. I remember hearing about the things those in my community and scope of influence wanted to achieve by 2020 and thinking “Goodness, that’s ages away!”. It seemed both foolish and inspirational to have goals that stretched that far into the future. And yet, here we are. The year long fabled for perfect vision and David Muir interviews.

Speaking of perfect vision, trying to remember to write “2020” on all my documents and journal entries has me thinking about the idea of seeing 20/20. As a person who has been wearing glasses for the past 22 years, seeing things clearly, as they are, without assistance or struggle is both a foreign and an appealing thought. Seeing what’s ahead, being able to identify details 20 feet away, knowing that what you perceive is accurate and reliable. I want to bring some of that energy and mindfulness into this year. (and I mean energy and mindfulness in the realest, most tangible way. My mind is full of ideas about seeing clearly. The energy of my body and mind are about clarity of perspective. Let’s turn that 2020 vision this direction!)

This year I want to focus on seeing more clearly. Seeing:

My emotions for what they are and what’s causing them.
What makes me stressed, irritated, frustrated.
How I can make changes to limit those feelings.
What makes me happy, joyful, excited, fulfilled.
How I can make changes to increase those things to abundance in my days and moments.
Where my thoughts and mindset (thinking patterns) are causing me problems.
What I consume, use, and throw away in my daily life.
Where to make changes to lessen that.
The challenges of others: my loved ones, those in my community, humanity in general.
Small things I can do and changes I can make to alleviate the burdens of some of those challenges.
Where my money goes in a week. (Big Clue: Snacks. It’s all snacks.)
Items, experiences, causes, that are worth investing in.
How to make my money work in a way that lets me enjoy the small, immediate pleasures (snacks), as well as the hard-earned, long-term pleasures (bottle of my favorite perfume or a weekend at Disney).
What makes my body feel good.
My body for the miracle that it is, and the amazing things it does.
The people in my life and community who are doing amazing things.
My husband for the talented, brilliant, strong, funny person he is.
More of my friends and family. Apple made FaceTime for a reason.
My failures, missed opportunities and traits I wish I could change as less significant while celebrating the multitude of positive qualities, successes and steps forward.
More progress toward my goals through hard work, determination, and the belief that the world is a better place with my contribution.

What are you hoping and working to see in 2020?

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