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Tuesday Timeout #3

These little reflections are quickly making Tuesday my favorite day of the week! Who knew such small things could have such power?! This week's Tuesday Timeout comes straight from the citrus aisle at Whole Foods😉 Choose right now that you will do everything in your power to give no energy to negativity. Challenges will keep… Continue reading Tuesday Timeout #3


First Attempt ≠ Finished Product

So take some steps, make some messes, get comfortable with the knowledge that your first attempt is likely to barely resemble what you hope the finished product will be. Because honey, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to go, and we all know it. And those first tentative tries are usually the most important.

Be Challenged, Blog


“Any change you make for the better is better”* Think of the time and space in which we now live. Nearly the entirety of every piece of information ever theorized, created or discovered is at your fingertips. Not in a library to be gleaned or a professor’s head to be learned, but already summarized for you… Continue reading Better!

Historical Blogs

Too much a teacher?

Thank you social media (The Twitterverse and Get Glue) for talking me into watching this debate. I'm feeling so informed and yet pessimistic in our future. Politics is such a multifaceted conglomeration of ideas and actions and laws. I have a hard time tracking with politics when the plans are discussed yet never executed for… Continue reading Too much a teacher?