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A Quick and Honest Guide for your REAL-LIFE Thanksgiving!

May this year’s celebration be one of less guilt and more enjoyment. Fewer Thanksgiving tchotchkes and more intimate connections. Less conflict and more compassion. Fewer power struggles and more communication and collaboration. Less whirlwind and more mindfulness. May your day be full to the brim of things to be grateful for, in whatever form they come.

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There are a million things more important than cleaning your kitchen floor and making your bed, especially if you hate those things! You have a HUGE purpose in life and it is not to spend your days doing things that you think should be important to you because your parents or your friends or the TV has told you that they are important!

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Fitness Resources!

Welcome to the Audacious Blog fitness resource page! You've been looking for recommendations and this is where they live! Always adding and editing to bring you the very best of what the community is doing, reading, learning and loving ❤ WORKOUTS: BeachBody- Haven’t tried it all, but what I’ve tried has been fun, the instructors… Continue reading Fitness Resources!


Investment now = Improvement later

When you hear the word “investment” what ideas come to mind? The stock exchange? All those compound interest problems in junior high math? Something you say when you’re trying to justify buying something more expensive than you originally planned? (I get you girl, I’ve called that impractical handbag an “investment” for a minute too ;)… Continue reading Investment now = Improvement later