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Spring-Clean Your Life

Of course, we all know that sometimes the clean out doesn’t last. The clutter sneaks back in, we accumulate more junk, our normal state is a tempting routine and we fall back into it. Be that as it may, any moment of progress shows us what’s is possible. And friend, it’s all possible. ❤

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7 Random Truths I’ve Learned from My Husband

May the wisdom I've learned strike a chord and remind you of your own pearls of truth. May you learn from the people and things that bother you, be patient and have others be generous with their time on your behalf. May you remember that you are always beautiful, and always growing. May you have flexibility in your expectations and be willing to laugh. And may you always be open to finding new favorites. 


Investment now = Improvement later

When you hear the word “investment” what ideas come to mind? The stock exchange? All those compound interest problems in junior high math? Something you say when you’re trying to justify buying something more expensive than you originally planned? (I get you girl, I’ve called that impractical handbag an “investment” for a minute too ;)… Continue reading Investment now = Improvement later