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All my Hiatuses are Unintentional. You?

As good as the shortcuts, indulgences and laziness felt at the time, at the end of every day I had nothing to show for it and found myself in another place I talk about frequently. That guilty feeling that you aren’t making progress and don’t deserve to do well.

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Body Talk: Self-Talk Part 3

Week three is here! I’m so glad you’ve come back, and I hope that you continue to find value in these pages. This week we’re talking about one of the areas of life in which  there are the most negative messages, and thus the greatest opportunity for powerful self-talk. Every corner of life is plastered… Continue reading Body Talk: Self-Talk Part 3

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Go be GREAT! You were made for it.

OK folks. This week we’re getting real. Not that we’ve been fake in the past, but this week I want to get really real. It could get uncomfortably real. But we all know that the best things happen when you are stretched beyond the usual demands of life, so let’s dive in! Your life is… Continue reading Go be GREAT! You were made for it.