Because don’t we all want to be extremely bold? Recklessly brave? Unapologetically original? Not only do we want it, but I think we’re all designed for it: to live lives of audacity. To be the amazing people that we have the capacity to be. To do the things that no one else can do, make the things that occupy our wildest dreams and share the gifts that we each have with a world that needs them!

I don’t operate under the illusion that I perfectly embody all of these traits at all times. Who does?! Everyone, from Oprah and Tony Robbins to your favorite celebrity and the one person in your life who you think has it all together, everyone has days when they don’t feel like doing the courageous thing. When they splurge and eat cake for breakfast and then immediately need a nap.

I know that there are some who would say that audacity is a negative trait. That audacious people are the rude, disrespectful ones who say mean things under the guise of honesty, who have no regard for etiquette, doing things properly or complying with rules. We’ll just take all of that with a grain of salt and remember that what they think has no bearing on what we do! When you are bold, original and lively you’re bound to ruffle a few feathers, make a few people shake their heads and make still others wish that you’d pipe down with your vigorous living of life. But that’s where this courage comes in to play. Go make the most of the life you’ve been given; share beauty, love, empowerment and compassion. Go be audacious. Those people who question might just join in;)

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