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Another Word About Know, Like, Be

Now, I know I said that last week’s article was the last in this series, but I changed my mind. If a message is worth sharing, it’s worth reviewing, so let’s do a quick summary and draw some conclusions.

Know who you are. Like who you are. Be who you are. Know, like be. It’s where your self-expression in the world begins and it’s the only way to have freedom to live life to the fullest. Knowing who you are enables you to understand your mindset and perspectives. When you know yourself you know your place in the world around you. You understand your motivations and needs and are able to make changes to maximize your happiness and fulfillment. The most important thing to remember about knowing who you are is:

Knowing who you are is a process.

You will have days when you are so in tune with yourself that you are light and breezy and feel like you can take on the world. You will have days when your behavior surprises you, you doubt the things you used to know about yourself, and whatever identity you thought you had feels lost. It’s a process.

Liking who you are comes down to learning to appreciate the traits you see in yourself, regardless of what they are. In order to have true freedom you have to work to grow in acceptance of the characteristics and behaviors that you wish weren’t a part of your life. Only when you admit that these things are in your life for a reason can you start to accept them as part of you, and begin to change them. Most important thing?

Liking who you are is a process.

Being who you are is the natural culmination of the other two processes. You know who you are, and like what you see, and so it is right and good and natural that you decide to share that person with the world. Expressing the person that you are is literally the purpose of your life, and as such you must learn to do it without fear of what the onlookers might think. People are going to think all sorts of things. They’re going to misunderstand and judge and form opinions. ‘Haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate)’. And yet, you and I deserve to have your spirit shining in the world. Sharing your deepest self with your deepest connections helps keep you in a mindset to glow in little ways to the people you meet. And I think you can guess the most important thing.

Being who you are is a process.

There is time. You’re on your way. I applaud the effort ❤

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