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Just Doing my Part!

I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to come up with the right thing to share. I’ve written and rewritten three different blogs about our current global situation and left them all in my DRAFTS folder. In this moment it is especially important for us to do what we can, to bring our unique voices and contributions to each other. I am not a philosopher, a therapist, a researcher, or a policymaker. In the emergency shelter of life’s darkest moments I’m not usually the EMT or the clinician or the person in charge, I’m the lady they pick to staff the face-painting table. I like helping people to remember and create fun and joy in the midst of the struggle. So that’s what I’m doing. I hope you’re all able to sequester yourselves at home for the foreseeable future, and when you do, may this little challenge see you through with laughter and grace!

Self-Isolation Olympics 2020


  • Type “sometimes I dream that I am a…” into the search engine of your choice. Make your favorite. (2 pts)
  • A store front window display you’d have to stop and enjoy. (2 pts)
  • Your family as animals, either all one species, or whatever you think each member would be. (5 pts)
  • Your pet as a character from your favorite period in history (3 pts)
  • A collaborative piece with someone else. Take turns adding to the piece. (3 pts)


  • An indulgent sweet breakfast (1 point)
  • Something with the oldest (not expired) things in your pantry (2 pts)
  • A recipe from over 50 years ago. (2 pts)
  • Something that has to rise (3 pts)
  • A sauce that you’ve never made before (2 pts)
  • Lunch following only your children’s instructions (5 pts)


  • Call someone on the phone (1 point per person)
  • Practice making and sending new emojis like it’s 2005 (1 point)
  • Send someone the last video that made you laugh (2 pts, 2 extra if they send one back)
  • Text someone every day (1 point per day)
  • Do something you enjoy over video chat with someone else (3 pts)

Get physical!

  • Get outside into whatever natural space you can, as long as you aren’t too close to anyone else. (2 pts)
  • Find a Ministry of Silly Walks video and reenact it. Create your own. (2 pts per walk created)
  • Make new choreography to your favorite songs. (5 pts)
  • See if you can break your squat/push up/pull up/sit up record before you end your isolation. (5 pts)


  • A documentary about a Native people group (3 pts)
  • Videos with funny animals (1 point)
  • Your SO’s favorite movie (3 pts)
  • Family videos (1 point for every 5 years ago the video was taken)
  • A tutorial for something you’ve always wanted to know how to do (3 pts)


  • Your own version of Coronavirus BINGO (3 pts)
  • A poem following a specific lyric pattern (3 pts)
  • The news article you wish would be released tomorrow morning (2 pts)
  • An epic to-do list for your isolation time (2 pts)
  • Mad-libs with your family stories and real life characters (3 pts)

If you score more than anyone else in your containment unit, or above 70 points congratulations! You are the Gold Medalist of Isolation 2020! This honor comes with a make-believe crown which I’m sure you’ll love, and bragging rights for whenever we’re allowed to see people again 😉

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