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I just (baked) to say I love you…

Valentine’s Day snuck up on me this year, but I’ve been feeling the love for a while. I generally live a pretty love-ly life with a husband who is great about sharing his affection, and a cat who’s only slightly less enthusiastic. We live in a warm place with lots of families and people around, including my family for the last week! It’s bright and colorful, with many things to do and places to eat 🙂 The environment adds to the cocktail and there’s a lot of love to be had, and love to share. I hear a bunch of languages every week, and one of my favorite things to hear are the ways we say “I love you”.

“How about a hug?”

“I made you these cupcakes.”

“There are clean boxers on your dresser.”

“Your gas tank is filled, and the windows are clean.”

“You are hilarious.”

“That doesn’t seem like the best option. Let’s think of a better one together.”

“We can have dinner wherever you want to eat.”

“I noticed that your car’s registration is almost due, so I added it to the calendar.”

“The game is tonight, right? Let’s watch it together.”

“I love how excited you get about your favorite things.”

“You don’t have this particular version of this thing you collect, and I thought you should have it.”

“I found this heart-shaped leaf and it made me think of you.”

“Dinner’s in the oven! It’s your favorite.”

“That must be so hard.”

“You’re looking gorgeous in those sweatpants.”

“How can I help?”

“You were right.”

“I managed to get some overtime hours this week so we have enough to cover those bills.”

“We should invite your friends.”

“Here’s $5 for your gas tank.”

“Meow.” (May also translate to “I’m hungry”, “Play with me”, and “For the love of naps, stop oppressing me”.)

“Let’s take a walk.”

“You are a brilliant person, and I’m so impressed with the things that you understand and teach me.”

“Let’s just talk for a minute.”

“Beer’s in the fridge.”

“Your opinion is important to me.”

“I noticed that Little Women is still in theatres. Wanna go?”

“Your family means a lot to me.”

“I found a babysitter.”

“I’m proud of you.”

“Lunch is on me.”

“Have you gotten stronger this week?”

“I just want to hold you.”

“There was a sale on ice cream.”

“How about we spend the day together.”

“Can you show me how you did that?”

“I’m sorry.”

“What do you need?”

“I bought home this leftover cookie, just for you.”

“There’s still an hour left for video games.”

“Let’s get take out.”

Whichever way you share the love, do it well, do it often, and don’t stop.


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