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An Introduction to Knowing, Liking and Being You.

We’ve come to another article and another chance to learn and grow together! If that reminds you of an introduction to a Mr. Rogers’ Afterschool Special, then welcome, you’re in the right place. This week I am excited to introduce a concept that we’ll be talking about for the next few weeks. It’s not a new idea, it’s not even my idea, but it is a challenge and a call to action that was instrumental in forming the person I am today. I’m grateful to have been introduce to this idea when I was in the fairly early stages of discovering and creating who I am and it continues to be an aligning force as I continue to grow. The charge is simple in statement but complex in practice. It is to


Know who you are,

Like who you are, and

Be who you are.


Know, like, be who you are.

It sounds fairly simple, something we process through in childhood. And it was, once. I’ve observed however, that while as children labeling ourselves is a daily occurrence, we don’t know not to like things in ourselves, and being us is literally the only thing we have going on, as we grow and our perceptions change we become less and less focused on knowing ourselves, liking ourselves and being ourselves.

The next few weeks will be an exploration of this idea, this philosophy, that the journey of life has at its root the objective of discovering and creating ourselves and our place in this world, learning to love and enjoy that person, and bringing that personality and purpose to the world.

We are all of us unique, designed to be a part of a big picture, special and loved and important.

In order to be genuine and authentic in this discussion I want to own my belief that identity and respect and manifestation of self comes from our Creator, the Divine Author. While my identity is clarified and magnified in an understanding of Biblical messages about who I am, I recognize that this is not a truth universally accepted. In this knowing and liking and being I withhold judgement and extend welcome. Though our theology and philosophy may differ I am excited that we can learn, love and grow together.

I hope you’ll join me as we dive in!

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