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A Sweet Little Reminder

I spend so much time trying to move forward, learn something new, say something different, create new ideas, that I forget to remember the things I’ve already learned. The fact that we stick these things on our walls and say them to ourselves every day lets me know that I’m not alone in this… So today, let’s take a few minutes to bask in the reassuring truths that we so often take for granted. If you feel like you need a deeper reminder click the links!


The world is a happier place when we judge less and love more.

Sometimes you don’t feel beautiful. That doesn’t mean you aren’t.

Life is a process of growing every day, and you’re never done.

You’ll never live your happiest, most fulfilled, best life afraid of what other people may think of you.

Our flaws make us unique; our imperfections are our character.

Beautiful things wait on the other side of accepting, loving and embracing your body.

You might be the only one in the world who can do the thing you are thinking and hoping and wishing to do.

Ten minutes of working on your dreams can change your life.

The world, your world, will not get better on its own. Your world will improve only when its people improve. And you are one of its people.

Within you is the strength to look your negative self-image in the eye, decide that those beliefs are no longer true and kick them out.

Embracing your worth shows others that they are also worthy.

Gratitude brings your favorite experiences and feelings from the past into your present moment.

You deserve to celebrate every bit of success you make.

Your story of progress in the face of challenge is beautiful and important.


Most importantly, you’re here. I appreciate you. You add something special to the world by being yourself. You have amazing power to change the world, especially your own.

Sending love and best wishes ❤

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