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Self-Care: Holiday Edition!

The days and weeks of December are strolling past, and here in Vancouver every where I look signs and stores are proclaiming “Only 9 shopping days left until Christmas”! Once we hit the teens of December it feels like everyone’s already breakneck pace picks up even more. The frantic phase of Christmas preparation starts…
As we enter this harried part of the month I wanted to talk about a topic that I can say from recent experience is absolutely crucial to my well-being: self-care. We’ve talked a bit about self-care in the past, but these practices are even more important in times when I’m on the run, on the road, or on the mend.

Most of us are familiar with the concept of self-care, the things that we do in everyday life to ensure our wellness and mental health. Whether that’s a certain exercise routine, quiet time at points throughout the day, meditation, a pensive cup of coffee in the morning or listening to a symphony in the car on the way home from work, self-care are those little activities that we all do, or yearn to do, to tend to our emotions. If you can’t already identify some habits in your life that you implement to address your daily mental health, I highly encourage you to start now.

Unfortunately, when we get busy self-care is usually the first thing to go. We stop caring for our bodies with workouts and healthy food, neglect the quiet moments in favor of fitting in one more shopping trip or holiday task, and easily forget the reason that we implemented our healthy habits in the first place. If you find yourself more stressed, irritable, and generally burned out, check with yourself about your usual self-care habits. Are you still doing any of them? Before you blame your attitude and experience on the holiday, yourself, your schedule or your family; try returning to your previously effective self-care habits!

Go for a walk, take a run, do some yoga. Make a way to continue working your body in this busy season, because it is even more crucial for your vitality when you are stressed and eating poorly than in daily life. There are a million tempting and delicious ways to indulge in the holiday seasons. Do yourself a favor, take care of your body with healthy foods as often as you can so that when it comes time to savor a delicious treat your body is ready to handle it.

One of my most important habits is my daily priming meditation. I do it every single morning when I’m at home, but sometimes I have justified not doing it on busy weekends or when away from home, I guess because I didn’t think I needed it. Oh, how wrong that was. I know that I started this habit because of its positive effect in my life. Why then when I am in a new environment, busily going from one activity to another or experiencing many potential challenges or new experiences every day, would I believe that these reasons are not sufficient?

When everything in life is out of the ordinary, our wellness practices become even more important! I can honestly say that when comparing the busy hectic days to days when I work to include my usual wellness habits in my day, I can physically, emotionally and mentally feel a difference immediately. I am sure that you can say the same. So this year, this week, maybe even today, choose to infuse care for your self back into your holiday comings and goings. Make your mental and physical health the priority that you know they should be.


Do your beautiful and precious self a favor and give it the best care possible. Especially when you’re demanding so much of it ❤

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